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Firefox 82.0.2 won't open links, instead opens new window and home page.

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I tried Safe Mode, I reinstalled Firefox, it still happens. It does NOT happen on my older Mac running Ff 81 where it opens the same links properly. It works fine for Safari, just not for the latest 82. series of Ff.

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I assume you are having issues only with links that are being opened from an external program, not clicking links that display on websites that are already open in Firefox.

This issue is not uncommon. If you were to install two different copies of Firefox on your computer, it would use a different profile (the folder that stores your information, like bookmarks, etc) for each version of Firefox you have installed. Essentially, what happens for some users is that Firefox thinks that the version of Firefox you open normally and the version of Firefox that's opening when you click on a link are different. That means it's attached a different profile to each one.

Usually this problem is quite easy to sort out.

First you will want to go into Firefox like you normally would (not by clicking a link) and then type about:profiles in the Firefox address bar. This is going to list all of the different profiles that Firefox has saved on your computer. There could be many. If you only have one version of Firefox open at the time, there should be one profile that will have This is the profile in use and it cannot be deleted (or something similar) under the profile name. That's the one that you are currently using.

Make note of that name. If the names are all the same, make note of the last part at the end of the folder path in the Root Directory row of the table.

Now you can close Firefox and try to open a link from a different program (or whatever way has been giving you issues). If you go to the about:profiles page on that Firefox window, try to find the profile name that matches what was listed in the previous step. Below the information table for that profile should be a Set as default profile button that will force Firefox to automatically use that link.

If all goes well, links should open properly for you after you close any open Firefox windows.

Hope this helps.

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You could also experience this bug on Catalina.

This is a known bug on Catalina when you open an external link when Firefox isn't running.

  • Bug 1600153 - macOS 10.15 Catalina - two firefox windows are opened when clicking on external link

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