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Stop tab from resetting to top of page

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All other browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera) hold the position of the cursor/view when opening and moving to a newly opened tab. When returning to the previous tab (in those browsers), the original position/view is as it was before the new tab was viewed. This is not the case in Firefox!

When returning to a previous tab in Firefox, the tab resets itself to the top of the page, instead of holding the place that was left when the new tab was opened/viewed. This is extremely frustrating, and time-wasting.

Is there a setting that will hold the viewed location of a tab when another tab is opened/viewed, when the original tab is viewed again?

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I get around this by; When I find a link I want to check out, I open it in a new tab/window. Then when I am done, I close it and am back where I started.


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Hi m_wheeler1121, it depends on whether the web server instructs Firefox not to cache the page. In that case, the position and page content are note stored and the page reloads when you go Back. However, for most pages, Firefox will cache the page content and position and restore it.

Are there particular problem sites you want to mention, where we could check on whether that is the issue? Please note there is a link moderation feature on this forum, so including a URL in your reply will delay its appearance in this thread until it has been reviewed.


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