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adobe flash error 2309 (I think)

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I am trying to use a program (video display) and when I press the button to allow adobe flash I get a very small long thing and an error that says something like "#error 3409" I have re-installed it. My addons say that I have shockwave flash installed. I have installed adobe flash several times with the same result. Perhaps I should remove shockwave flash and install again. I have no clue.

Thank you................

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I forgot, my adobe flash works with google chrome.


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I don't know about on Linux, but on Windows, Chrome comes with its own version of Flash (Pepper Flash).


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Chromium and Chrome on Linux uses Pepper Flash (PPAPI) also.

Try setting Flash Player (old name Shockwave Flash) to Never Activate to see if the video with play with say HTML5.

btw since you use Linux make sure you have packages like FFmpeg installed so as to fully support HTML5 that is used by sites for video, audio and even games. Adobe is discontinuing all support of their Flash Player at end of 2020.


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thanks for the reply!

I did as you said and set shockwave flash to never activate and then tried to run the network video client. It told me that flash didn't exist and wanted me to download it. I think I will do that next and see what happens

I tried to install adobe flash but the shockwave flash I have, even when inactivated, makes the installer think its already installed. So, I guess, I have to remove the shockwave flash to install a new one although I am told that its version 32.0 r0 which is the latest and greatest. Apparently this is the one I installed yesterday but the firefox addon thing decided that, even though new, its just an upgrade of the shockwave flash so they are the same as far as firefox is concerned.

I also checked the installation as per adobe. The clouds are moving as well as other stuff in their test so its installed correctly.

Oh, I also got the #error - its #error 2032

Given the above hopefully I can get some thoughts on this one.

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