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JavaScript enabled problem

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dear sir I have Face problen, JavaScript not enabled.

dear sir I have Face problen, JavaScript not enabled.
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Hi, prodiproy285 In Firefox (desktop and Android), JavaScript is enabled by default and should not need to be re-enabled. If a page is reporting that JavaScript is not enabled, it could indicate that the page is trying to use JavaScript to fire up a plugin that is not installed, and that is the page's best guess about the problem. By default, the script is integrated into the browser and is always enabled, but overlaps rarely occur and it stops functioning. Also, for some users, the engine causes inconvenience and a logical question arises - how to disable or enable Javascript in Firefox. You can enable or disable Java script in a separate menu in the settings. The operation will take 2 minutes and does not require a browser restart. In the address bar, enter about: config and promise the browser that we will be careful; - enter javascript.enabled in the search bar. - click the right mouse button on the found variable and select "Toggle". How to enable Javascript in «Mozilla Firefox» - the value of the variable should change to false How to enable Javascript in «Mozilla Firefox» In a similar way Javascript is enabled in the browser - the value of the variable must be "true". Thank you for contacting me. I hope that my answer will help you with your problem.