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Randomly logged out of websites all of a sudden

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I'm not sure when it started, maybe a week ago. When I open firefox, I'm logged out of "most" of my accounts sometimes. I'll log back in and it will last a few browser closing and reopenings. Some websites seem to log out quicker, or it's possibly just random.

I've been using Firefox for a very long time and I've never had an issue like this. It's frustrating because I have to go through 2-factor each time a website logs me out. And so far, it hasn't happened to Discord in browser. It affects Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

I did not change any settings recently until after it started happening (I set "Enhanced Tracking Protection" to standard thinking it would help but it hasn't).

Thank you.

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I can confirm that the issue you seem to be having is not only affecting you, infact I'm currently experiencing the same situation (specifically Facebook services in my case).

My guess is that the cookies which store our preferences/information when visiting websites are somehow not working correctly. Each time you use your browser and e.g. log in to your account on Instagram/Facebook/... , - while cookies are enabled, obviously -, this information is stored in a cookie and upon your return to Instagram will be accessed again, so the initial process of choosing a cookie policy and relogging doesn't need to be repeated. It also solves the problem of login verification, in that you also don't need to verify your device as it is verified via the cookie.


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