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UI responsiveness issues - Linux + high GPU usage

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Hi! I'm posting this in hopes of getting help with a UI responsiveness problem that seems specific to Linux when GPU usage is very high. I use distributed computing through BOINC when weather is cold enough to allow it, but I've noticed that when my GPU is working on a task, Firefox is very unresponsive in most regards; scrolling lags behind my actual inputs, it takes longer to render new pages, and videos have issues like video/audio desync and audio stuttering.

That would seem normal to me considering my system resources are in heavy use, except for two things: these issues do not occur in Blink-based browsers (I've temporarily switched to Brave because of this issue), and more relevantly, they only occur in Firefox in Linux, not Windows Firefox.

I have already checked if this is because of settings or extensions by creating a new blank profile (which I am using right now), and that's not it - turning off hardware acceleration doesn't help either.

I see the Troubleshooting Information dump has a lot of system and hardware data in it, but I'd be happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks!

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