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Lost Account

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WHAT HAPPENED: 1. I signed out of Mozilla on the owners laptop and entered my own account information 2. As I signed out of my account, I checked the box "delete data from this device", so that my data would not be saved. 3. The owner entered their account email but Mozilla did not find it so the user created a new account using the same email address as prior.

THE PROBLEM: all data is missing including bookmarks, passwords, etc. It appears Mozilla sees the account as new. Even when the user logs into a site they frequent regularly, the site does not recognize the user and requires login and password and verification of the user. Seemingly like the device is registering as new to the site.

STEPS TAKEN TO RESOLVE - UNSUCCESSFUL 1. I used the restore bookmarks option to restore to a previous copy

    A. according to the user, the restored bookmarks are not current

2. I verified that there is only one profile for the user 3. I verified that the profile has data in the local drive and the profile default is set to read the profile on the local drive

NEED HELP: 1. Restore the account completely so that all sites recognize the device and all bookmarks are restored

Thank you for your time and help to resolve this situation! Dawn