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Firefox use is down 85% and you trashed the master password, and everything is purple in Android.

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I am horrified at your abandonment of the master password. The political correctness is off the charts at Mozilla. You destroyed a great browser, and people are turning away from your leftist derangement syndrome. Here's what elimination of things with the word MASTER in them does:

A young boy can no longer be addressed by the title MASTER as in Master Lord Fauntleroy.

Well-known and brilliant pianists and other world-renown musicians can no longer give MASTER CLASSES to students.

The circuit breaker in your electric box that shuts off your home's power completely can no longer be called the MASTER BREAKER.

The company called MASTER LOCK must close its doors or declare bankruptcy.

Chess aficionados with the highest of world rankings can no longer be called grand MASTERS.

A criminal or civil court can no longer rely upon the expertise of Special MASTERS.

The MASTERS Golf Tournament needs to be terminated.

Masters University in Santa Clarita, CA must be closed forever.

Masters degrees in all disciplines must be eliminated. You go for the Ph.D., or you get nothing and like it.

If you want the very best bottle of wine for that special anniversary, forget getting advice from a MASTER sommelier.

Want a pair of the very best concert tickets....forget it, no Ticket MASTERS.

Garage door broken? No more Lift-MASTER!

Want a professional Barbecue grill...no more MASTER-built stainless grills.

Destroy your brand new Sony MASTER SERIES flat screen TV with a ball peen hammer. It's racist.

Better move your bed into the kid's bedroom; No more MASTER bedrooms.

Forget being able to stop your car; we need to get rid of the brake system's MASTER Cylinder.

No more Cooler-MASTER Intel I7 and I9 processor fans. Video game freaks, no more overclocking!

Only jacks-of-all-trades need apply, no MASTERS of ONE permitted!


I am black, and even I think you people are SICKOS!!!!!!!

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