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How to Undo Firefox: "Remember this Decision" for Digital Certificate

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Hi, I'm trying to access a Spanish government website which requires me to have a certain digital certificate imported into my computer in order to identify myself. However I made a mistake and don't know how to reverse it:

To explain what happened, when I went to the website sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/infoext2 to check on the status of a Spanish document, and clicked on the "consultar con cl@ve" button (cl@ve is the Spanish government's user authentication system), I was prompted with a window that asked me which digital certificate I wanted to use for the website. ('m attaching a picture of the prompt to this post)

Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the cancel button, with the checkbox checked saying "recordar esta decision" ("remember this decision" in English) , so now every time I go to this website, it doesn't let me present the digital certificate, it just says there's a user identification error with cl@ve (I think it's "remembering" to automatically cancel my ability to present a certificate every time I go to the website time now).

Do you know how to undo the "recordar esta decisión" ("remember this decision" in English) checkbox so that I can make the decision again and choose to present my certificate? I tried clearing my browsing data from the previous 2 hours but it didn't seem to help.

Let me know what you think and thank you in advance.

Also, the version of the browser this happened on was Firefox 68.12, as the Spanish government insists that only old browsers will support their authentication system.

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