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Missing Folders in Left Pane Local and Server

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I am using T-bird 82. 0b1 - apparently this is a Beta version on W10 on an HP I7 with 8GB main memory. I am a former Netscape user - with you since 198...? Its an IMAP account.

Comment - I don't know how I came to be using a Beta version - its not good for me - too unstable.

Q1. I need MFA (Uni requirement) - so which version of T-bird do I really need ?

Comment -This version is slow/unstable/drops folders - don't like some features - T-Bird is usually so good -

Q2. Why does T-bird open up with with all the directories shown as expanded on the left pane - I have 60

      main directories and many more subs - is this not wasting time dragging expanded directory titles about
      ?    Stop doing this.  Aim for speed.   

Comment - I am recently linked to MS Office/Outlook 365 (Uni again) :-(

Q3. I cannot tell whether the folder dropping is linked to this or to T-Bird screwing up the updating ?

       Anyway - T-bird has dropped the Trash folder on the left pane and dropped about 6 other folders in 
       Local  Folders.  They are in the IMAP  " Mail" folder  OK . I have tried most of the remedies seen on the 
       web. Nothing (easy to do ) worked.  What is going on.?

Comment - Partial Remedy for Q3 in local folders. Suppose fFolder X lost. Create NewX in Local Folders.

                  Go to Find. Use Global search to find keyword for files in X. In my case the word was 'Erne'. Find 
                 picks these files up (ie Find knows where to find Folder X) - convert the output to a list of emails in
                 classic T-bird format , copy to NewX. Check carefully that you have got everything. NewX works 
                  fine.  Later can delete X and its .msf file from Mail if happy (do not delete X immediately). 

Q4. This does not work for Trash - Trash is in imapmail OK, and is subscribed, but T-bird does not show it

         from the left pane - why? 

Comment - All of this nonsense is a black art - you need a repair utility which fixes these problems - as a

                  user - with many deadlines - I do not need to be wasting my time on these problems. You 
                  software  guys can sort these probs out or better prevent them.

Q5 Why is there no password protection on Address books ? Each address book should be capable of being individually password protected. This is almost required by GDPR .

I could go on T-bird is good but I need more stable environment. On of the lost folders was a key piece of work - it was a shack to lose it - now fortunately recovered - but it took a day - what a waste.

Prof. Gilbert MacKenzie.

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