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New and important emails moved to trash

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Hello, I think I have read all of the internet on how to solve this problem. To make it short: I have a PC, run Thunderbird for a yahoo business email account and website and get emails all of the time from my besties. My besties emails now land in the trash at none of my doing. After reading all of the helpful tips and tricks, I have deleted all (all!) of my email filters on both my PC in Thunderbird as well as on yahoo. I have my besties in my contacts of course and the setting that none of my contacts should be marked as junk. It is vital that I get my besties emails of course and I simply do not know what to do. Might it have to do with my anti-spamware? I have now also reset the spam filter learnings or whatever it's called. Does anyone know anything in addition? Many thanks! Spamalot

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I would also make a dedicated folder and some filters to move there those emails...


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I would add the contacts to the Yahoo webmail contacts or otherwise whitelist or unblock them. If mail ends up in a Spam, not Junk, folder, that is due to Yahoo filtering.


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Well, the problem is that the contact is entered everywhere, even in my firewall software. I just added it to the yahoo directory in addition. I have set filters to move these emails to my inbox. But the thing is that it is not marked as junk but as trash. Trash does not download from yahoo and it can at most download junk from yahoo. It makes no sense to me why this problem occurs. I have had issues due to new construction next door into which tons of people with tons of WiFi moved in and made my own WiFi invisible as they sucked the performance right out of mine. Maybe this is related or maybe I have a hacker. I remember once late in the day when I was tired that Opera with an Opera logo popped a question if a website is allowed something. I failed to read what it was and clicked okay, can a hacker or a sucka get into my system and mess things up like that?



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Hi To be clear please track exactly when the emails go to trash.

  • Keep Thunderbird closed.
  • Go to Yahoo webmail, check if one of those incoming emails is there.
  • Is the incoming email in Yahoo webmail in the Inbox or in trash or some other folder?
  • If in another folder, not Inbox - do you have filters acting on Yahoo incoming mail or did Yahoo do that itself?

When you have one of those incoming emails in Webmail, and after you check which folder Yahoo has it in, then start Thunderbird.

  • In Thunderbird does the email download to the same folder it was in in Yahoo webmail?
  • In Thunderbird do you have any filters acting on folders for that account? I know you said you deleted all of them, just confirm.

Thank you.


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Dear Agnes,

Thanks very much for your help. I checked once more -- as you said, leaving Thunderbird closed this time and going to the yahoo server. There were a couple of new filters for this case set in the past day or so, so I deleted these again. What is now going on and this is crazier even is that when these messages, which get moved to trash on yahoo, are moved by me back into the inbox to give them stars and assign them tags and whatnot, they move back into trash all on their own!! :0

That is fatal because these are my work assignments and I get many smallish ones throughout the day and week and I get lots of emails from them, sometimes not relevant to me, in which case I delete them manually.

I have now set Thunderbird, so it merely marks messages that I delete as deleted without moving them to trash to stop those re-inboxed emails from being returned to trash. I have not and did not have any filters set before in Thunderbird. So there are absolutely no filters whatsoever set anywhere. When the emails download from yahoo to Thunderbird, they go in the same folder "Trash".

I have finally heard from f* yahoo and they were like starting with the day before Adam was made and I sent them the message headers from those two email senders. Maybe this might help, I have very little trust in them. Do you think there is anything they might gain from looking at the full message headers? Makes no real sense to me. I think I am being hacked.

What I have done just now is sent "test replies" to these email senders (those are automated message systems) in the hopes that this might make them "family" again. Let's see what happens.

Oh, and I have both email senders in my contacts in Thunderbird as well as in yahoo and I have set Thunderbird in the past day to even automatically display their graphics (which are minimalistic background colors).

Does any of this help? Thanks!

UPDATE: I have not achieved anything with any of the new measures (like keeping TBird closed while on yahoo, adding them as yahoo contact. Yahoo mentioned in their not so informative email that there might be a problem with the server settings in TBird (which I hadn't changed). Now I'm wondering: can I reinstall TBird and *not* lose my calendar entries etc.???? spamalot

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First concentrate on Yahoo. If the messages in Yahoo are moved to Trash before Thunderbird connects, then nothing you do in Thunderbird can change that. Thunderbird will download what Yahoo provides - keeping it in whatever folder Yahoo had. So the best solution is to stop Yahoo from moving those messages out of Inbox.

(If your email account is set up as IMAP, then Thunderbird is just showing you what exists in Yahoo. Every time you move those messages in either Yahoo or Thunderbird, if Yahoo moves them back again, that is where Thunderbird will have them too.)

However - I have never tried but maybe you can work around that by making a filter in Thunderbird to move them out of trash when they are downloaded. You may need to move to a "local folder". Once they are in a Local Folder, Yahoo cannot move them - they exist only on your computer and you can't get to them from anywhere else. But they should stay where you put them.

Local Folders is usually used to archive older messages that you want to remove from webmail and refer to occasionally - but might help in your situation by taking those messages out of Yahoo's reach. Don't forget to do backups if you use Local Folders.

I do not think reinstalling Thunderbird will change anything. Focus on Yahoo. Also - you mentioned that those are automated message systems. Maybe they have been blacklisted. Check with the sending organization to see if other people are also having trouble. Not sure why they go to Trash not Junk though! Agnes



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