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problen with my web page and Lockwise

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I have created a web page with a number of edit boxes - the last of which is for entering a password. There is no edit box for a username - (not required!). The Firefox Lockwise function is a bit too clever in that it sees the word 'Password' in the label for the last edit box and concludes (wrongly) that the preceding edit box is a username and prompts to select from a list of pre-saved usernames. I do not want to disable the Lockwise function globally. However I do want to prevent it from prompting for a username on my web page - not only for me but for everyone else viewing my web page. Is there something I can add to the HTML or php code which will fix the problem?

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It is not about the password label, but about the type="password" attribute of the input field. When Firefox sees such a field then it assumes that the previous field with type="text" is the name field. So maybe you should reorder the fields or try to add a name field that is not hidden in the DOM, but isn't visible on the page.

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Thank cor-el. Of course I should have realised that it was the input type = password rather than the text 'password' that made firefox do what it does. The obvious question, now is " is there anything I can do to the previous text boxes to prevent firefox from assuming they are username fields?"