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Firefox migration to Firefox for Android Beta on the SAME DEVICE -- bookmarks don't follow

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I just noticed & downloaded Firefox for Android Beta 81.1.0-beta.2 as I have been at my wits' end these past few days with the recent upgrade, Firefox 80.1.2 (which nearly always stalls with a blank white page)

Now I need my bookmarks so that I can work. They're all over on Ff 80.1.2 I have hundreds probably. Please help! I would like to delete the non-functioning Firefox 80.1.2 and throw in my lot with the beta version.

Thank you for any help.

(It makes me wonder how long I've been using a version of Firefox not intended for Android .... Can anyone tell me?)

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I don't think Android apps can cross-migrate data. What I mean is, each is a distinct app as far as Android is concerned, as different as Twitter and Facebook:

I believe you need to use Sync to share data between them.


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Thanks for trying to help but my problem with the upgrade itself (I'm now at 81.1.1) are *so* extreme I can't worry about bookmarks at the moment. I did copy of and paste them longhand before I uninstalled the Firefox beta version I had tried. Nothing is helping with just ordinary use of Firefox. I am going to post another question, a really desperate one: firefox just doesn't work on my phone; I have had to return to my laptop (which is never going to be updated).

Thanks again,


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