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I was using Mozilla version 79.0.0 on Windows 7. I was using Mozilla since I purchased desktop, found no issue. I install retail POS software, since then not able to use Firefox. As soon I tried to open a website PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR is displayed. I was also using Anydesk for remote troubleshooting of software. I uninstalled it, but problem is unsolved. I checked for proxy settings, nothing there. Refreshed Firefox, there is no Firefox profile created. I am not using any third party software for security. Windows defender is active. Any solution so that I can access web pages?

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radi.stoyanov said Turns out the option DNS over HTTPS is what caused the problem.

jamesafuf123 said https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1264659#answer-1237475 my ISP was blocking sites like that

cor-el said This usually means that Firefox wasn't able to find a cipher suites to use to connect to this server and reached the end of the list. There can be two possibilities: one is that the server is outdated and doesn't support modern cipher suites, another might be that the server only supports a few cipher suites and Firefox doesn't support any of these.

You can check your browser and possibly compare this with the server setup.