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Search with ctrl-k no longer works when keyword.enabled = false

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For quite some time now I've had keyword.enabled set to false in my about:config because I don't like having the address bar try to autocomplete or turn things into search, when I do a ctrl-l.

I do like that I am still able to use ctrl-k to do a search when I need to. This would place a ? at the start of the field and whatever I type gets sent to search.

In a recent upgrade, ctrl-k still places the ? at the start of the address bar but doesn't send things to search. Instead, it now behaves as if I did a ctrl-l and typed in a bad URL.

I'm on Firefox 80 (on Fedora 32) but I can't be exactly sure which upgrade brought this change in behavior.

Is there a way to get the old behavior back? ctrl-l to enter a URL, ctrl-k to search.

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I just checked this and it works in the latest Firefox with keyword.enabled false.

Ctrl+K does a search, crl+L does a URL.

Is it working for you now?