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bottom toolbar - hiding page bottom

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Hi there,

I live the bottom toolbar from a usability perspective. Though for me it's hiding the page bottom. For some forums that means for example the reply button is barely visible. Anyone else has that issue? Is it a known one? The search didn't give me any results, so I thought I'd report on here.


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Realising that on some pages, the bottom bar doesn't disappear when scrolling while on others it does. Any idea why that is? Thanks!

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Do you have an example of a page where this happens?

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Sure, for example https://oookworks.com/

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Noone got an idea?

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I think that it will be fixed in version 80 or 81.

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So that's a known issue?

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Most likely. I can't reproduce it on Nightly anymore.

Previously this issue was hard to stand it, especially with a top bar.

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