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Been "surprise migrated" - now searching past history doesnt work as expected and can't find advanced config options?

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I just got the big upgrade on Firefox. Totally unexpected migration. Unimpressed no warning. Now I need help finding 2 or 3 items that I use all the time, in the new UI.

1) Searching history URL/titles In the previous UI, I would type in the urlbar and get a list of all matching history pages. I had about:config sdettings to keep a long back history because I constantly refer back for work, and urlbar search history is perfect. In the new firefox, I can type "1234" in the urlbar, and I can see several items in the "history" tab which contain "1234" (and know there are dozens) but I might see none, or perhaps one, in the dropdown when I type it in the URL bar. Previously I'd see them all.

How do I search history and open tabs from the search results in the new UI?

2) config tweaking

Where has "about:config" or its equivalent, gone? I need to check my past long history isn';t lost or erased, and may need to extend it in a while by a few dozen. New URI for advanced settings? Please tell me there is still such a thing...?

Those are the immediate 2 migration issues I have hit, the second I open it.

Help really appreciated fpor this unexpected and unintended migrator.

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