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Pocket-free build of firefox

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Is there a pocket-free build of firefox available for download? Before you say, you can just disable it, I already have. In addition to that I've blocked the update/api url as well. I want it removed completely, I strong feel mozilla should make it opt-in or provide a pocket free build.

I was thinking perhaps there is a regulatory constraint on of the builds here that I could install, then change back to english?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, sorry we do not offer builds with Pocket turned off. If we did it for every feature that people didn't like, then we'd probably have about 100 different builds available for download with all the complexity that would come with it. That is why we offer the configuration options instead.

The size of the pocket code is small in comparison to the rest of the code, so removing it would not make any significant difference to the install size, memory etc.

With Firefox being open source, you are quite welcome to inspect the code (or ask a programmer to) and ensure that when pocket is disabled, it is actually disabled - and file bugs if you find something amiss. All our source code is available to view at https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/source/

A lot of people do like Pocket and use it a lot, which is why we offer it by default - but we do allow it to be turned off for those that don't want it.


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Pocket should not be built into the browser but should be a bundled extension that people can delete if they want to. I feel it's very inappropriate for Firefox to integrate a proprietary product directly into its code. A bundled extension that comes included with every Firefox build would achieve the exact same results and would eliminate any conflict of interest. (The code for Pocket's integration into Firefox being open source doesnt change the fact the service is proprietary and built into the browser.)


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