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firefox on android update hid tabs to a menu item. can I get them back somehow?

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Thia is about Firefox on Android.

I use browser tabs to keep a visual list of topics I am working with at the moment. One-click move froma tab to another and the continuoua visual view of tabs are essential.

This morning FF android updated and moved tabs our of sight and out of mind. Also, switching between tabs was one click, one finger movement. Now it is at least two.

There is a way to get tabs back. It is called Chrome. Is there another way with Firefox?

W10 version on laptop looks still ok .. so far.

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It took a few moments to switch to Chrome on one tablet. I'm still curious tabs would work on FF / android as now I'd need to change to Chrome on eveey device. A bit of a chore to do.

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Hi aarne

I recommend that you try the new Collections feature as it is a great way to manage tabs in your copy of Firefox for Android on the home screen.

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Thanks. Nice feature, sort of similar to bookmarks.

I have three requirements: - Need to see open tabs (headings) all the time - One click (not two, or three, but one) to switch from tab to tab - Need to be able to arrange tabs, e.g. drag and drop

Works on desktop Firefox, or Chrome on Android and used to work on FF on Android.

How do I get that back, besides switching browser on all devices? All devices as it is handy to have the same view regardless on what equipment I use.

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I have the same requirements. I can't for the life of me understand why the mobile browsers must be some kind of gimped versions of their desktop counterparts. -_- This new update absolutely destroyed the browser and I hope some creative individual can create an add-on which enables proper tabs. Until then I'm switching to something else.

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I have the same issue.

The tabs viewing bar has vanished since the update and I can't see how to get it back. It was hidden by default on some previous versions of Firefox for Android, but after some fiddling, could always be unhidden.

It's quite a useful tool for quickly keeping track of what one is doing, and scrolling between tabs.

Is this feature just hidden, or has it been removed altogether?

If so, what Android browsers still off a tabs viewing bar?

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Chrome on Android has tabs. I switched.

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I agree, especially with too many click to change tabs or even open a new tab. A lot of moving my fingers from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen (regardless of the adress field being on the top or bottom). This makes it much more cumbersome to use Firefox onehanded.

And I would also like to move tabs around (or tabs inside of collections around). And why are the tiles for the preferred websites not possible to move around as well? I need more customization and I don't think that I am being unreasonable, since these features was available on the previous version.

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I have just switched to Firefox and loved that all the tabs were in the tile format. I usually end up with about twenty tabs open on my Android. This morning was a nightmare, just like Microsoft changing and fixing things that are not broken.

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I agree with the posters here. I liked keeping two columns of tab tiles and would drag and drop as needed to prioritize. It was simple and effective for mobile browsing and minimized clicks. I don't want or need my phone to mimick a PC. Mozilla, please fix this or provide instructions on how to revert to the prior version. For me, this is a deal breaker. I do not want to spend my time organizing tabs like a bookmarks. I already have bookmarks for that purpose.

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Please restore (or add an option) to see all your tabs on the top of the browser. I don't like the new format where the tabs are all hidden. I really dislike that this update was forced on me and I can't go back.

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I wanted to agree with two posters up there that the two columns of tiles really is a necessary option, not least because the thumbnail for each page was much easier to see and navigate between than this awful list of tabs

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I lost everything with the new update. No tabs, bookmarks. Or history. It will take me weeks or months to recover. This is very bad when working on a tight business schedule. Doesn't anyone care to ask before forcing updates? I'm switching to Opera.