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Address bar

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Somehow Firefox's address bar gets worse and worse every year (I've been using Firefox since 2004). I have it set both on my desktop computer and my Microsoft Surface to just show my bookmarked pages (since I can no longer control what pages show up on the drop down menu otherwise); this used to be fine (other than not being able to bookmark a ton of pages to keep it from being cluttered), but now nothing shows up on my Surface unless I type in the address bar. If I click the bar, nothing happens. It works fine on my desktop. I've messed with different settings trying to figure it out.

I used to use an addon called Oldbar or something to have some control over my address bar like the old days, since Mozilla saw it fit to take that control away from us, but now that addon no longer works. I just want a controlled list of my frequently visited websites. Why bother having a search bar if the address bar STILL tries to do searches? If I wanted to do a search, I would use the search bar. FIX THE ADDRESS BAR.

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