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Can't clear cache completely

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Can't empty Firefox cache completely (started today, 08-04-2020) I always empty the cache when I move from one subject to another in FF browser. Cache always empties to 0.

Beginning today, cache empties only down to 164kb. Cannot clear it of that durned 164kb !

Stumped & Puzzled

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Hi mercatura

You can check the about:cache page for more detail about what content is still in the disk cache.

  • you can open "about:" pages via the location/address bar
    "about:" is a protocol to access special pages


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Ummmmm . . . this doesn't really address the puzzle. I have ALWAYS been able to clear the cached material with the "clear data" element on the privacy/security page. Until today (Aug.04 2020) ! Beginning today, 164kb simply cannot be cleared. WHAT the unclearable material is, is of less interest to me than WHY this began today and HOW I can reliably clear the cache to 0 the way I have always been able to.

But thanks for taking an interest in my plight, and for taking the time to write. All assistance is gratefully accepted.

(Still) Stumped & Puzzled


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