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Where is about:config on v79?

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Hi, there's no need to use about:config in the Release version. about:config is accessible only in Beta and Nightly.

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there's no need to use about:config in the Release version.

Then tell me how to

  • disable automatically hiding of the URL bar (doesn't work in beta though)
  • show punycode domains in URL bar
  • increase session restore interval
  • enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
  • enable encrypted server name indication (SNI)

without using about:config. And please don't tell me none of that is needed.

Beyond that, releasing Fenix to the general public at this stage sounds like a bad joke. It's in early beta at best with crucial features missing:

  • easy access to top sites, bookmarks and history by tapping the URL bar as in Fennec
  • a working download manager
  • form history
  • full add-on support