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Firefox won't sync on Android

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I can not get Firefox on my Android (OnePlus 6) to sync. After logging into my firefox account it tells me to open firefox on another connected device to finish the setup. Unfortunately there are no options appearing in Firefox on any of my other devices. What can I try? Thank you!

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about:preferences#sync link to this about location. You need to sync from hear. Make certain that your phone is entered in the device name. This way you android firefox will link with your computer firefox.


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Thanks for your reply rushmore, altough I don't understand it. "about:preferences#sync" is not accesable on mobile and it does not help on desktop. Still don't get my Android Firefox into the devices list for sync.

Also I now realized that my Android is being shown in the devices list as "Web Session, Firefox Mobile 68". Syncing does still not work though. Whenever I login on Android, it creates a duplicate entry in the devices list.

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I am writing on the same thread as I have the SAME issue which has been troubling me since the last Android app update

Windows Laptop: Firefox 78.0.2 (64-bit) Android Phone: 68.11.0

Laptop - In my Account - https://accounts.firefox.com , I can see BOTH devices as shown in the screenshot below https://user-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net/uploads/images/2020-07-27-02-55-29-a4eb9b.png

Android Phone - In my Account about:accounts?action=manage from Firefox browser I can see BOTH devices as shown in the screenshot below https://user-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net/uploads/images/2020-07-27-03-09-00-22c9c6.png

Android Phone - When I go into Settings -> Firefox Account, I see Synchronise now & Last synchronised: never 1. No matter how many times I click Synchronise now, it briefly shows Synchronising and then nothing happens 2. Choose what to sync has all items unchecked and greyed out. See screenshot https://user-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net/uploads/images/2020-07-27-03-10-28-566c8b.png

Android Phone - Based on info found elsewhere I have done the following as well: Phone - Settings - Users & accounts - Email ID for Firefox - Account Sync and manually clicked on sync now See screenshot https://user-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net/uploads/images/2020-07-27-03-14-14-ed7114.png

I have even changed my Firefox Account password and went through numerous 6 digit code steps

After all this Sync does NOT work.

It would be great if someone could help end this misery so that syncing restarts.

Thanks a lot!


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I lost the detailed post updated here. I will try again. Please see screenshots attached

Windows Laptop: 78.0.2 (64-bit) Android : 1. Firefox Android : 2. Firefox Android Beta: 79.0.0.beta.8

1. Laptop shows laptop / android connected 2. Android does not sync 3. Sync options greyed out

Sync just does not work!

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Same problem as the original poster. My phone has been doing this for about 5 months, now, on Android 7.1.1. When I first created an account, everything worked and my device showed up in the device list. Now, for about 5 months, my device shows as "Web Session, Firefox mobile 68," does not actually sync anything, and it can't be synced from the account dashboard. Additionally, my "Accounts" app on Android no longer has a Firefox account listed and doesn't connect one when I try to add it back in.

User "KoolPal" lists a completely different problem on a different version of Firefox.


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UPDATE: I just installed Firefox Beta for Android and sync started working again. You have to do this when you have access to a computer that is already syncing Firefox to attach to the same account. The current version of Firefox 68 for Android seems to be in some sort of limbo in-between place on the features necessary to actually sync properly.

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