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URL bar background color Change CSS????

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  • Последний ответ от Wesley Branton

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I tried all these below and none work

  1. urlbar[breakout][breakout-extend] {background: black !important;}
  1. urlbar[breakout]{background: black !important;}
  1. urlbar{background: black !important;}

.urlbar{background: black !important;}

.urlbarview{background: black !important;}

root {--mbarstyler-match-background-color: black; /* [0.0,0.05,0.1] */ }
root {--mbarstyler-match-background: black; /* [0.0,0.05,0.1] */ }
  1. urlbar[breakout][breakout-extend] > #urlbar-background { color: black !important; }

/* Megabar background */


background-color: black !important;


I tried all these below and none work #urlbar[breakout][breakout-extend] {background: black !important;} #urlbar[breakout]{background: black !important;} #urlbar{background: black !important;} .urlbar{background: black !important;} .urlbarview{background: black !important;} :root {--mbarstyler-match-background-color: black; /* [0.0,0.05,0.1] */ } :root {--mbarstyler-match-background: black; /* [0.0,0.05,0.1] */ } #urlbar[breakout][breakout-extend] > #urlbar-background { color: black !important; } /* Megabar background */ .urlbarView.megabar{ background-color: black !important; }

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If you are looking to change the background of the entire address bar (the input area and the drop-down area), the following CSS code should achieve what you are looking for:

#urlbar-background {
    background: black !important;

If you are looking to change just the input part of the address bar, you need to change the CSS selector to #urlbar-input-container instead and that should work for you.

Hope this helps.

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HI Wesley,

I figured it out myself, at least this works but now need to figure out how to change the txt color. joy

For anyone interested this is what is needed:

  1. urlbar > #urlbar-background {background-color: black !important;}

I don't know if i can remove the #urlbar > your syntax is probably correct.

But now what is the code to change the text color when it is in static mode?

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you are right i just tested and it does not need the "urlbar >"

But now all the icons in the url bar are not visible. Why does mozilla have to change the UI and make this so difficult, this all worked fine prior to 77.0.1

What is the code to make the txt white and the icons like tracker/https/bookmarks be white??? you fix one thing and than everything else goes to hell.

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You are the man, the second part of what you had is what i needed.

This is for anyone looking for the older way it used to be.

  1. urlbar-background {background-color: black !important;}
  2. urlbar-input-container {color: white !important;}
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Glad I could help :)