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Thunderbird does not ask for confirmation before moving to Archive, Deleted, Junk

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I want to be notified with a confirmation box before any email is removed/deleted from the inbox.

How can I do that?

Sometimes, my keyboard stucks and I see my emails disappearing from my inbox one by one, probably deleted.


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There are a few warning settings regarding delete.

  • 'AppMenu' > 'Options' > 'Options' > 'Advanced' > 'General' tab
  • click on 'Config Editor' button

Warning for delete:

  • In search type: mail.warn
  • Line: mail.warn_on_delete_from_trash
  • Double click on that line to toggle the Value from false to true (or right click on line and select 'Toggle')

if you use shift Delete and need warning:

  • Repeat above process on this line: mail.warn_on_shift_delete
  • Toggle value to True

Warning when emptying trash:

  • In search type: empty
  • Line: mailnews.emptyTrash.dontAskAgain
  • toggle value from true to false

Warning when emptying Junk:

  • In search type: empty
  • Line: mailnews.emptyJunk.dontAskAgain
  • toggle value from true to false

Warning on moving folders to trash:

  • In search type: Trash
  • Line : mailnews.confirm.moveFoldersToTrash
  • Toggle value to True


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re :Sometimes, my keyboard stucks

I advise you clean the keyboard. There maybe dirt under the keys.


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Sorry, i'm not able to delete this reply.

My apologies.

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