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anti-phishing?: show full link/domain?

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Dear thunderbirders!

With the increasing amount of phishing emails (and them getting better), I wonder if there is an option/extension in thunderbird, that helps me to faster decide if an Email is legitimate or not. It's about debunking the embedded links:

I'd like to not only see the link text but always see the full hyperlink (or only the domain of it) directly in the mail-text. I know that the link-adress is shown at the bottom if I hover over the link, but sometimes I'm simply not fully attentive while reading my mail, so I forget to check this....

e.g. Instead of the text " now press <<here>>" where <<here>> is the link, it would show "now press domainname:<<here>>

or enforcing that after pressing the link, a pop up opens that shows the domain name in bold and one has to press OK/not OK...

I know that may render some emails rather unreadable, but maybe with a keyboard shortcut, one could then quickly disable it...

Just thinking out loud... does this make any sense?


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Thank you very much!! This is even better than what I had hoped for! This should become part of the "normal TB.

Thanks again for your help!


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