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Trusteer Endpoint Protection no longer showing in extensions, although installed on PC and working on Chrome

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I have v75.0 installed on my PC. When refreshing Firefox previously, Trusteer Rapport was always disabled but I could enable it again by choosing the option in extensions. Now the trusteer icon does not appear in the address bar and the extension is not shown in add-ons, although the IBM app shows it is working and it's fine in Chrome. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

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The issue should have been present in Firefox 74 when the situation the "sideloading" of extensions was modified. Extension / Add-on developers may have to change the manner in which they provide Firefox extensions. Firefox 74-plus no longer searches the hard drive to look for those types of extensions; where previously Firefox would "see it" and automatically use it & display it in the Extensions Manager, which was changed to automatically disabling it at some Firefox version in the past. Now the "security" has been pushed up a notch, the user has to specifically install the extension via the XPI file method.

One thing that still works is to "manually" install the extension XPI file once the user downloads & saves the XPI to their computer. Then while Firefox is open the user drags the XPI into the Firefox browser window to do a manual extension. That should work with Trusteer Rapport, BUT you need to find the XPI file to be able to proceed.

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I just want Mozilla to fix it so that I get the option to enable Rapport, just like before.