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Stop addons being disabled when PC has the wrong date

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Hello, whenever I change the date on my PC ( which I do several times per week for experiments), all my addons get disabled, as the browser decides they are unsigned (as visible in the screenshot)

And there is no way to re-enable them - I have to search for them again, go to the download site, and download them again. Yet the browser knows perfectly well that the date is wrong - so it should not be very hard to stop him from disabling addons during a period of wrong date.

Furthermore - there should be an option to re-check the validity of (all) addons which were disabled with 1 click, without having to re-download them.

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Add-ons use certificates that are date sensitive. In other words, the certificates are only good during a specific period.


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I could have guessed this already, yet there should be a real option to avoid this problem, - either not to disable, when the browser knows perfectly well the date is wrong, or to allow quick reactivation.


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You can try to force a signature check with this code in the Browser Console.

await XPIDatabase.verifySignatures();

You can enable the command line in the Browser Console via the main developer tools settings (Web Console -> cogwheel button (F1).

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