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Older versions of extensions?

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My old PC died, luckily, I had a new (secondhand) one ready to go.

I am using a pre-quantum version of Firefox.

Where can I get legacy versions of extensions that I need?

Yes, they've all been updated and maintained, but, there are several whose functions are severaly depreciated - including one where I would now have to actually PAY MONEY to do what I used to be able to do with ease on the legacy version.

Urgently seeking legacy versions that all worked fine before my old PC hit the dust last week.

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In the bottom left hand corner of the screen where you can download the add-on from, you will see a link to "All Versions", but I strongly recomend that you do not use old versions of add-ons or Firefox.

You will be using a web broswer that will not have any security and stability improvements and this could put your browsing and computer at risk from malware.

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Thanks. I've already tried that. Unfortunately, the versions that I need don't seem to be listed - only the depreciated post-quantum versions.

As regards to security, I use an ad-blocker, script blocker, Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware, I've got my anti-virus set pretty high...and yes, I know I may not be as secure as if I use the most up to date software, but, accessability features that I NEED are eithor depreciated or non-existant from 57 onwards, leaving me with little choice.

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All pre-quantum versions were removed from Mozilla's website.

For a time, pre-quantum versions were still listed at a special web address. But that was shut down a long time ago.

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They must be available somewhere - very few things totally disappear from the web completely.

I also have Tor browser so can access copyright-infringement sites that are blocked by ISP's if someone has upoaded onto such sites.

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Eek, just accidentally flagged one of the posts on this thread by accident and don't know how to undo that....please ignore the flag.

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For old "Legacy" Firefox extensions which were built on XUL/XPCOM technology (pre-Fx 57), there is a Classic Add-ons Archive over here:

Never used that source myself, but I am aware of the efforts behind saving the "Classic" extensions in the months prior to Mozilla wiping them from their Addons server.

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How do you find the add-ons there?

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Install the extension via the releases page.

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Found it. Have to look under Contributors > Select a contributor > Repositories. Thank you.