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How can I use the network monitor with a HTTP/2 connection?

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I found multiple pages recently that cause problems with the network monitor in firefox developer tools. I attached an image as an example. The three requests are selected always as a "block". They seem to be somehow related but I do not find any documentation what their relation is. My educated guess (also see that it is HTTP/2 related. However I still do not get how to handle debugging in such circumstances. I'd like to see the individual requests and answers for debugging purposes. I do not find a way to reach that goal. Is it a technical restriction?

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Hallo ChristianLupus

This forum is focused on user questions. Developer questions like yours will be answered better in a more technical / web developer focused forum like superuser (which is where you asked) or stack overflow and tag it firefox

More on developer support:




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I know this is somewhere in the pages that follow the above link, but in case you are looking for it, the DevTools team has a forum over here:


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