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Firefox account Reset Password does not work properly

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"Forgot Password?" service does not work properly. Here is what is happening: I enter my email to get a Reset Password Link in my e-mail and Firefox Accounts sends me an email which goes to Spam folder. I open the e-mail and what I see is some kind of source code containing:

ss X-Flow-Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X-Template-Version: x X-Device-Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X-Flow-Begin-Time: numbers X-Uid: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X-Email-Sender: xxx Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="x+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Message-ID: Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 14:17:46 +0000 X-SES-Outgoing: 2020.03.29-................... Feedback-ID:

Need to reset your password?=0A=0AClick the button within the next hour to = create a new password. The request came from the following device:=0A=0A=0A= Firefox on Windows 10=0Anameofcity, ENG, United Kingdom (estimated)=0A= IP address: PM (BST) Sunday, Mar 29, 2020=0A=0ACrea= te new password=0A

Content-Transfer-Encoding: basenumbers Content-Type: encoding type info

, which is not typically normal and should not be exposed in that form as it exposes sensitive information and can be considered a security breach.

I have replaced: the original mix of letters and numbers and IP address with the "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx", wherever only numbers are shown with "numbers", original city/town name with "name of city" so only the Firefox support team will know the details and what exactly is the problem. I can only guess whether this is a system update, encryption issue, cloud or server problem or COVID-19 mutated and can now be transferred to computers as well. Customers should not receive source code in their Firefox Account - Password Reset e-mail! Firefox support team, please fix this!

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  • /questions/1282865 Resetting password for my Firefox account. Email from you is always in code and unreadable.


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