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firefox 74 will not allow lastpass to fill in user and password at just one site

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If I use Pale Moon or Internet Explorer Lastpass will automatically fill in user name and password at Imperial supplies website. If I use Firefox 74 it will not. Even if I click the Lastpass emblem in the username field, and click fill nothing happens. Can anyone tell me why?

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The phone number you saw or received earlier is a scam. Please do not attempt to call that number. If you have made contact with them, please see Avoid and report Mozilla tech support scams.

For your issue, please reach out to LastPass for further assistance.

Thank you

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If I use Pale Moon or Internet Explorer with Lastpass active it auto fills both user name and password. This problem only exists when using Firefox. I have contacted Lastpass support and the response I received was if the auto fill feature works with other browser than it is not a problem with Lastpass.

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It appears you are using Firefox 68. Please update to the latest version of Firefox. See Update Firefox to the latest release.

Please clarify if it is working in Firefox 68 and not in Firefox 74. Have you tried restarting Firefox and ensuring that the LastPass extension in Firefox is updated to the latest version as well?

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