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I have to use XP Pro due to programs I have for work, XP supports physical machining, no other Windows programs do!

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I have machinery that will run on XP and nothing after that, I believe Windows is trying to push us back into the dark ages, I was with them from 3.1 and Bill Gates, to push his product went to manufacturers that used computers with DOS and a yellow on black screen and convinced them to change to Windows, my first computer back then only needed a 120M hard drive.....now.....and then after years of upgrades, Microsoft dropped everyone that got them started, I can't even watch an instructional video on Youtube now because everyone does what "Microsoft" wants and stopped supporting??????

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How does that affect you continuing to use Firefox 52 ESR?

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I think the problem is that YouTube stopped offering Flash formats, so users need to be able to decode HTML5 formats such as MPEG (MP4, H.264) and WebM. Firefox 52 ESR could decode WebM but it looked to Windows for help with MPEG and that wasn't made available for XP, only Vista and later.

Are you finding a lot of videos are not transcoded to WebM formats? I think except for live events, after a delay of a couple hours after uploading, they usually are, at least at 360p resolution.