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I am finally going to try to update from 56.0.2 last time I tried I lost all my customizations so I have kept this version that is still way better than the cur

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I would like to keep the rounded tabs, the size and amount of my Top Sites 3 rows instead of 2 and in my book marks the folders were yellow instead of everything being black and white. Not sure if it is possible to get all of this back but I know I need to update as I am sure I am the only one in the universe still on 56.0.2

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Note that best is to update via "Help -> About Firefox" to ensure migration code is running and update files in the profile folder properly to new schemes.

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Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles.{web link} I use an add-on that makes backups of my user profile, Just In Case. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the current Firefox.

Every now and then, open the profile folder and create a copy of the current profile as is to another location on your hard drive. This way you will have a backup.

If you do this each day, you will not lose much data. This should be done with Firefox Closed.

Note: In case you need to restore from these backups, you may need to overwrite old or corrupted files.

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I have discovered this thread to fix the number of top sites and am hoping this is still the right way to go about this. I wish firefox would make it an option:

1. type "about:config" in the address bar 2. click the "I accept the risk" button 3. In the search field at the top, type "browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.topSitesCount" 4. double-click the item that appears in the list 5. enter the number 18 and click "OK". You can actually have more than three rows if you want as well - entering 24 gives you 4 rows, 30 gives you 5 rows, etc.

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1184928 is Top Sites (under new tab) limited to 2 rows (12 items ... support.mozilla.org Is new version limiting the number of Top Site items that can be displayed? I sure thought that the old version allowed quite a few more. 2 rows (and lots of blank ...

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LisaMichelleS said

I wish firefox would make it an option:

If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.

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You can set the number of rows via "Options/Preferences -> Home".

  • browser.newtabpage.activity-stream*rows