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Thunderbird topped working properly; it just displays a "blank" email frame.

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A few days ago, after asking me for a donation, Thunderbird stopped displaying my e-mails. I get a "blank" e-mail frame, but my folders, recent messages, etc. do not display. I tried re-installing TB, and running in Safe Mode, to no avail. I thought perhaps it lost my account settings, but when I click on Tools > Account settings, I get nothing -- as if I didn't click at all.

Many options in the File, Edit, and Tools menus are grayed out. The menu button on the Quick Filter toolbar also is not functioning.

Any suggestions? Right now, not only have I lost all my e-mails, but I can't even view new ones!

Any help (or suggestions for other e-mail client apps) would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello there

We have read your message. We try to help you.

Read this please.

Greetings Firefox volunteer.

Изменено День сумо


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Hello there again. Tom.

It is possible that your msf files are corrupt.

find the profile folder. find the folder where you store your received mails.

this should be the local folder in the mail folder.

It is also possible that you just need to have the folder directly containing all received emails.

select the msf -files in it folder and delete it.

Restart Thunderbird again. wait for Thunderbird to create the files again.

Greetings Thunderbird Volunteer.

Изменено День сумо


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