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Updating to 73.0.1/32 broke access to a website that was fine under FF72 and earlier

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Allowed the 73.0.1 update to proceed today and it (73.0.1) broke a banking website (www.citibank.com.au) that was fine under FF72 (and earlier). Makes no difference whether I use a bookmarked URL or re-type it. Now unable to do my banking on the desktop with FF. Mobile banking app works fine.

The normal home page has a different appearance (since this morning's session under FF72). As soon as I hit login, it loads something off their MOBILE site and then locks me on a T&C page with no escape.

Works fine under IE (shudder) and Opera. Have done the usual: clear cache/cookies, restart FF, Seriously considering reverting to release 72 unless this rings a bell with anyone here.

Изменено Pedro

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UPDATE: Did a close/restart hoping that might cause FF to act on that config change and recognise those files.

Instead, FF73.0.1 has now opened with a "newbie" startup screen, NOT the "restart with all your tabs from the last occasion". So I have lost about 12 valuable tabs.

And that option - which I always have selected - is nowhere to be seen in history, only a list, so I'll need to pick my way down through that to find and re-establish the ones I had active when I closed it down.

FF73.0.1 seems the embodiment of "one step forward, two steps back".

AAARRRGGGHHH as Charlie Brown would say.

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jscher2000 said

Hi Ed, if you are asking about this --
If you have Microsoft Office installed locally, please change your default browser to Internet Explorer temporarily before the next step.

-- it's because of this problem that can occur when you remove your default browser: https://www.slipstick.com/problems/this-operation-has-been-cancelled-due-to-restrictions/

Yes, I was asking about that. Interesting! But maybe you should specify Win10 and Outlook 2013 or newer?

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deleted. (Dodgy bookmark recovered from history ...)

Изменено Pedro

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So - after restarting (and restoring a few tabs from history) - FF73 is now showing saved logins under Logins & Passwords. Yay! Life is slowly returning to normal.

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