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Help in Cleaning places.sqlite using SQLite queries/scripts

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First I might not be using the right terminology/words/terms. So forgive my layman mistakes.

I am trying to clean up places.sqlite using a 3rd party software/plugin as it is much faster. I am having issues creating the SQLite script.

I would like to do two things:

1) Remove all items from the table moz_places that contain certain words in the URL and also remove it's corresponding/linked rows in moz_historyvisits

2) (MORE IMPORTANT) Remove all moz_histroyvisits that do not have corresponding rows in moz_places

Thank you

Изменено ProfessorLayman

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There's no add-on for this?

Please make sure Firefox has fully shut down before modifying places.sqlite externally. There usually are two journaling files that may not be fully merged until shutdown.

On #1: There probably is a good place to get help with SQLite's query language. (I usually work with Microsoft T-SQL and don't know how you delete records in SQLite.)

On #2: There shouldn't be any records in moz_historyvisits that do not have a corresponding record in moz_places. I think what you would do is an outer join where a field from moz_places is null. However, please consider that a guess.

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Thanks. I am using SQLite Manager addon.

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ProfessorLayman said

I am using SQLite Manager addon.

I don't know whether the SQLite Manager add-on can modify the live file, or only works with a copy. ??