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Why is FireFox so slow

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I currently have version 72.0.2 and it is so slow.

I suspected an ISP problem although I have fibre optics but I just have to compare FIreFox with another browser to see that FireFox is the problem.

For instance, on the same site, I can call up a different page in around 5 seconds with FireFox whereas the same change of page takes well under 2 seconds with the Avast Browser.

Opening 3 tabs simultaneously in FireFox when I launch it takes YONKS whereas it used to load all 3 pages in a blink.

I already have add ons like "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" installed to speed up things.

What is the solution please?

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Glad to help. Safe Surfing.

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Firefox seemed a bit faster after I tried out some of the suggestions but it has gone back to being a tortoise.

It loads Google News UK fully in around 16 seconds.

The Avast browser does it in around 4 seconds.

So after dropping Thunderbird in due to add ons getting screwed time and time again by updates, I have now more or less replaced FireFox with Avast Chrome