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When I start to type a bookmark name it does not automatically populate the address bar as it used to. How can I fix this?

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I used to be able to type the first few letters of an address, either from my bookmarks, such as acrostics.org, or another URL, such as cnn,com, and the address would appear in the address bar. Now I have to drop down the menu and select the correct one. How can I go back to the way Firefox used to work?


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Hi crl4242, Double-check Menu -> Options -> Privacy & Security under Address Bar that Bookmarks is checked

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Thanks, but it was checked.

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For searching bookmarks you can start with a '*' and a space.

See also the browser.urlbar.autoFill pref on the about:config page.

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Thanks for your suggestion but "* " didn't complete the URL. Also, browser.urlbar.autoFill was set to "True."