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Is it possible to disable the JSON Viewer in Firefox Developer Edition?

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Hi, I really love everything about Firefox Developer Edition, except the JSON viewer. I'm used to looking at plain formatted JSON like the JSON Formatter plugin provide. But, even thought I have installed JSON Formatter (, it only shows this tree/table-ish viewer that comes with Firefox Developer Edition. Is there any way to disable this feature and use a plugin for this, just as in Firefox ?

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I believe what you're looking for should be possible on Dev edition (I have Nightly and Stable installed and confirmed the following on both):

  1. enter "about:config" (without the quote marks) into your address bar and hit Enter
  2. read & accept the warning
  3. in the search bar located at the top of the page, copy/paste: "devtools.jsonview.enabled" (without quotes)
  4. click the toggle button to change from "true" to "false"
  5. restart Firefox

This will stop Firefox from changing the page content from raw JSON to it's own built-in JSON viewer and allow the add-on you mentioned to modify the raw JSON as desired.


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