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Saved tax return from 2018 and cannot open it

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When I finished with my H&R Block 2018 tax return, I saved it with Firefox in my documents folder.

Now I cannot open the file. I am not computer savvy.

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How and from what program did you create the file?

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Hello stashale,

Other subject (I'll let FredMcD help you with your actual problem) :

In your system details you say that you don't know what plugins are;
when you go to the 3-bar menu => Add-ons, on the left side you will see : Extensions, Plugins, Themes and Dictionaries ("add-ons" is the collective name for these items) - when you click on them (in this case on "Plugins"), you will see what they are.

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stashale said

Now I cannot open the file. I am not computer savvy.

In anticipation of your answer to FredMcD :

When you press the Windows key + R on your keyboard, and enter in the dialog that appears : documents and click "OK", it will take you to your documents folder.

Do you see the file in question there ?

If so : click on it (it will highlight) and then at the top click on "Open".

When you do that : nothing happens ?

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Nothing happens.

Just keeps asking how do I want to open the file. I keep hitting 'with firefox:

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stashale said

Nothing happens. Just keeps asking how do I want to open the file. I keep hitting 'with firefox:

Thank you (I was thinking that maybe you didn't know how to open any file in your document folder ... )

Would you be so kind as to reply to FredMcD's post ?

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I have been replying to you and the emails keep getting rejected. I just saw at the bottom of a page that i have to 'click here' to respond.

As I said in the beginning computers, cell phones, etc are not my thing.

Now, I know how to reply to Mc D.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi stashale, Some other information may be helpful.

Right-click on the file in your documents folder At the bottom of the list, click on Properties

A Properties window will open (similar to the screenshot below)

Let us know the information:

Type of file: Opens with:

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I used H&R Block 2018 tax program which I saved as a pdf per instructions and then elected to open it with Firefox.

Sorry, but I just figured out why replies were being rejected.

For Fred Mc d

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Up came a description of the file detailing it's stuff and a choice of how to open it when I hit the advanced categoy

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In the change box it said I could open with Fire fox, itunes, or an app from microsoft store

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That was the info in the propeties box

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In the change box, select Firefox then OK. The file icon should change to a Firefox Icon.

Double-click the file and it should open in Firefox PDF Viewer.

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It has had the firefox icon all along. I clicked and clicked and still doesn't open.

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Try this:

Open Firefox and open a new tab.

Open your Documents folder.

Drag and drop the pdf file into Firefox.

What happens?

Изменено RobertJ

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will try later. thanks too much for one day

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Thanks to everyone who offered help.

I tried Adobe and it didn't work.

So, that's that. Maybe this year when I save it with Adobe, I'll

have better luck.

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When saving the file, try to use a standard file type.

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Hello again stashale,

Would you please look at this article, and scroll down to the
section about being unable to open the file :


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Do the file have a .pdf file extension ?

Can you open the file in a Firefox tab (File -> Open File) ?