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i need to have separate firefox browsers the beta overrides the normal version

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when i install the beta it overrides the normal version which is annoying is there a way to fix that thats not found in other browsers

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Beta is a an update channel. It will not install as a separate instance of Firefox.

You can: -Use Developer Edition instead, which will keep a separate program path and profile. -Install a portable version of one (or more) of the Firefoxen.

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the deve is not stable and does send data to partners i don't like that and i dont allow sending data or any statistics on my browser chrome or chrome based browser do have dev browser is there any portable version of it ? and does the potable version get updates?


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the deve is not stable

What do you think beta is?

and does send data to partners

It sends diagnostic data. Unless of course you turn it off in Preferences.

You can get and run as many portable versions of Firefox as you like, from . If you install them standalone, you will need to update manually. If use use their platform, you get updates and a launcher.


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