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SMS message sent during the firefox installation was linked to a suspecious tracking website

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I installed Firefox on my Windows 7 notebook. I wanted to use the sync function, so I registered for an account, and the process forced me to enter my cell phone number which made me hesitate for a while, but I entered my number anyway. An SMS message was sent to the phone with a link. I followed the link and my network security blocked it. Because I have a DNS filtering service installed in my network for better safety, I examined the security log carefully and the website the phone was trying to open. It was app.adjust.com. I searched up about this website, and most of information says it is an app tracking service for developers. But one website commented in 2015 that this URL is linked to the app created by an organized criminal. To my surprise, all firefox apps that I had been using in different computers were trying to report to the same website which has been blacklisted by my network security. I used duckduckgo as my search. See https://pcvirusescleaner.blogspot.com/2015/07/how-to-remove-appadjustcom-conveniently.html for details.

I think Mozilla should give up all attempt of tracking if you are so careful for privacy. Download count and website visit count should be enough. Please do not follow the path of Google and other websites have been doing. Your reputation will get damaged. I will uninstall the firefox browser until further notice. I will notify all my staffs and friends about this finding. I will not post anything on social media yet because I still have trust on your organization, which is now rapidly turning into something else. Please give me with enough explanation on your relationship to app.adjust.com and your view to the negative comment on this third-party service.

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I found a page about how Adjust services are used in Firefox for Android -- it's a little old now but might be useful anyway: https://firefox-source-docs.mozilla.org/mobile/android/adjust.html

It mentions that the site is used to determine whether your download/install was linked to a particular ad campaign, presumably so they know which ad campaigns actually work.

As for the site, the analytics service may have been used by hundreds of developers for thousands of programs. Some of those may have been malware. But this does not mean there is a problem with the analytics service itself. I don't think there is a threat to you there.

Still, you may prefer that Mozilla not try to determine that; it's understandable that we want to go unnoticed on the web as much as possible.

It's beyond our scope here in support.