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I use a PAID version of Everhelper - from Nimbus Web - firfox has deleted my thumbnails on every page what are your issues with Nimbus and Everhelper and the t

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I wrote the content and it was erase - cannot Firefox accept a critique - I use a recommmended program from Nimbus web it is Everhelpper and their fvd speed dial - Firefox has deleted them all - why - and why did you deletmy first attempt as questioning you excuse typos my hands 're shaking

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Hi Patricia, sorry your earlier question appeared to disappear. It was posted as well: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1272027

Let's continue under that one since it has a little more detail.

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I note your online name sir !! and am much pleased let me say - that I was glad to note it I have not - obviously been on firefox as long as you have and I am no expert - thank you - I am struggling now at 83 - until the 6th this month when I am officially 84 - bear that in mind when so ever we may speak and do not go all Techie - speak me in Newbie-Speak I use a Nimbus Web program that stores my speedial tabs and manages my bookmarks - aged users are famous for the need to remember I have in excess of 500 dials - thumbnails they are and something like 700 plus bookmarks - So I am opening my case - as prosecution with the claim that Firefox is responsible for the failure of the system to store my memories as I pay Nimbus to you That's about it - in a nutshell - coconut of course - I have a peanut allergy Please do what you can - same as last times (a few)

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Per jscher2000, please continue over at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1272027