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Firefox for Android suddenly using huge amounts of data - how to stop??

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Been using Firefox for Android as my default browser for years now. It never used much data even though I would leave a dozen tabs open. Suddenly last week, Firefox started using up to 500 MB of data at a time. I figured this out when I got a notice from my service provider that I was about to go over my data limit. I usually use less than 1 GB of mobile data a month and haven't been doing anything unusual. Although it started while I was on a trip (but not using anything out of the ordinary), it continued when I got back.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, then tried leaving the app open with a couple tabs open to articles on reputable sites for ten minutes. It used as much data as Twitter did for 28 days and I use Twitter way more than Firefox. Also, now that I think of it, I've also been surprised at how fast my battery is getting used up. Maybe related? Thoughts? Do I have malware and if so, what should I do about it?

Thanks for any help!

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better you should check your all apps and data and files in your mobiles , probably a trojan or malaware can do these things easily,

and try to use a management app such as to sleep non using apps, and something like data saver , if you can try resetting your mobilr if its something hard!!

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Thanks for answering, but I'm sorry - it confuses me. Check apps/data/files for what? Should I be able to see a trojan or malware?

The device routinely scans apps for malware and I just ran it and it said all the apps were OK. I also regularly close apps.

This was just the Firefox app using tons of data - in foreground, not background - when I'm not on WiFi.

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Same here - lots of foreground data suddenly (v68.2.1 from Play Store, verified). First it happened on LTE but I restricted FF's access then it started to do the same on WiFi. Eventually I had to cut off its access to any kind of online connection. Sad day.

What is the possibility that my logins or other private data could be compromised? (My trust in Firefox is not the highest at the moment, so to say.)

I've yet a few things to try: first I want to see the destination (/source) of all this traffic. Then reinstall FF, maybe Android? If nothing else helps, I'll stop using it until there's a fix.