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Add-on or key for preventing/controlling cursor focus (specially in Gmail)?

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I am having trouble using Gmail. It's sluggish and its cursor focus behavior is enervating. I click a field and start typing, then Gmail, with its (or my computer's, or browser's) slowness takes a second or two to apply focus to its desired field, so it starts inputting my typing in the wrong field or worse, interpreting my inputs as actions (archiving, deleting, starring, muting conversations, opening chats, opening Google Tasks sidebar, deleting open draft, etc., really freaking messy). Example: I select a conversation, click the label button, click the label menu's text input field and start typing, then focus is removed from the field (and letters start activating those unwanted actions) and then finally Gmail apply focus to that same field, as if it' only now ready to accept input in it, even if I clicked it before.

How can I prevent sites (or at least Gmail, specifically) from controlling/changing cursor focus? Is there an about:config key or an add-on for this, please?

BTW, I don't mind Gmail and/or Firefox being a bit slow, I recognize I contribute to it by have a few add-ons installed and running (though not so many). What I don't want is Gmail choosing for me where my typing input is going.