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When opening a new tab, it shows my screensaver, not my recently visited websites/pages. How do I fix this?

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When I turn on my computer (Windows 10) and open the browser (Waterfox browser), it opens to the pages I used last, which is what I want. But, when I open a new tab (by clicking on the +), it opens with a view of my screensaver plus the time/weather info instead of opening with a group of thumbnails for my most visited sites/pages. How can I change that? Have looked this up & it refers to an "options tool" that is supposed to be in the right corner of the new tab page but there isn't anything like that. When I go to the Menu, I can find this option but there is nothing listed under Tabs to show I want a new tab to open with my most recent visits. New tabs always opened before with thumbnails of my most recently visited sites/pages. This just started two days ago.

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Waterfox might still be based on Firefox 56, which had a somewhat similar Options page to recent versions of Firefox, but not exactly.

Can you tell whether one of your add-ons is generating the new tab page? You may need to disable that function to regain control of it.