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Firefox Android first entered letter, number, symbol or string repeats after second entry.

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I've seen this in the past but don't remember the cause and solution. Samsung had this issue once, and from what I've seen on the internet, the solution was to disable Android web preview, but that's not working. This problem just started on my Moto G4 Android, only in Firefox, only on certain websites where text is entered into forms. It isn't happening on this website. It isn't happening in Chrome or other apps. I've cleared temporary data, restarted the phone, disabled options in settings, but none of that worked Example: if i begin to enter, let's use "Walking is good," the result is "Walking is goodW." If I am swiping to enter, the result is "is goodWalking." The error causes the affected text to reappear in front of the cursor. Highly inefficient and a real time killer!

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Interesting results! I downloaded Firefox Preview, installed and adjusted settings, then went to one of the affected websites. Upon my very first test of entering a search string in the websites search field, I typed "I'll try" and as soon as I began typing "try" the cursor jumped to the first position, resulting after all letters entered in "TryI'll". I thought the experiment to be a complete failure.

But I tried again after deleting all text. Previously I could only achieve success when I first entered a blank space at the front of the search string ahead of all following text, but for some odd reason, this time the search string entered correctly without failure and without requiring the hack of a leading blank space!

I will continue experimenting for a period of days or possibly weeks with two affected websites before being sure of the final summary. For now, initial results are mixed but positive, definitely improved based strictly upon today's limited trial. Thanks, I'll update my response in the near future. Gary

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