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How do I stop Firefox Update from Popping-Up?

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I wish to stop the new pop-up update notification message built into Firefox 69.0.#.

A pop-up message is not necessary, irritating and tiresome.

Why is there no option available to turn it off?

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I have the same issue in Thunderbird as well. Dear developers: There are people out there in the world, that want to use software for work. I don't want to use software to constantly update it. I hate nightly builds and that stuff. Let's just release one major update once or twice a year and maybe one security fix per month. I have to update and update and update and update and update every little sh*tty piece of software I use nowadays, and unfortunately, I need a lot of different software for developing, so I spent at least an hour per week updating and another hour to figure out how to cope with all the new bugs. It. is. annoying. I don't want to update, I want to work.

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