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Export bookmarks from Android

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Either JSON or HTML file >>To Local or USB storage

Galaxy S9 Android v.9

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I do not believe that is currently possible in Firefox for Android.

You can use Firefox Sync to sync the bookmarks with a desktop copy of Firefox from which you can save or export a copy.

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Thank you. That has been/will be my modus operandi. Was simply curious if Android version offered a method.

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Not at the present time, but this is something that may be included in a future update.

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Hi there, I have to admit that this answer seems a bit strange to me. It's pretty clear why the big commercial players try to force their customers to send any personal information available to the companie's servers. But I really would have expected that Mozilla would offer users, who prefer not to do so, the possibility to export information locally to a html ( a function that's available on the desktop version as a matter of course). It's not that I'd insinuate any misuse of information by Mozilla - that's why I prefer their software. And automatic syncing certainly is nice to have - but personally I rather try to distribute as few as possible information on ANY servers. This is since I'm a bit sceptic about data security, it seems to me that it is a rather volatile term on the long run.

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Hi Frank.. I agree 100% with your take on this. It just seems that it would be a simple capability to add. My mobile browsing needs are different from PC, but occasionally it is helpful to locate a link/bookmark from the other device. I have no problem with occasionally updating and moving an HTML bookmark file from one device to the other, which obviously is as simple as transferring a picture or document. That file can be viewed in the browser and searched with a couple of clicks/taps. But perhaps demand doesn't justify the effort that would need to be expended to update the app. But as you allude to, the ability to keep personal data off of the Mozilla cloud seems to be perfectly aligned with their mission statements. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and assuring that my thought process isn't unique or strange.

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There may be an add-on that could help, altertivrly you can host your own private FxA server.

I appreciate these are not the answers you are looking for, but I hope this helps.

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Thanks Seburo. I will look into these options. Any suggestions/solutions are always welcome.

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I am glad we could point you in the right direction, I hope that this helps.

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I have this problem too, unfortunately all my desktop versions are gone (reinstall /viruses) and i had to reset my password to my firefox account so when I did that it erased the logins on that account..... so i only have my 8 years of passwords stored on my Moto e5 (android)

I tried to create a new account on the android firefox so that I could login to the desktop one and it would sync from the phone. this doesnt seem to be working. (however i just installed LOCKWISE to desktop version) the history however seems to be here on the desktop. So partially worked.

This is what I plan on trying because I really cant risk losing all my passwords if i have to end up manually looking up the pw on my phone for sites I will.

I am just suggesting if you cannot find a file containing your passwords on your android phone you can try enable USB debugging mode, and there is also an advanced setting in the firefox version on android that says enable usb debugging access, make sure thats allowed obviously or it will probably not give you access.

The other way I may think it is possible is SSH maybe. But I have only done this on IOS so I am not sure if it's possible.

Both these methods assume the file exists in the same format as the windows version and also not sure of that.

If anyone finds a solution please post and hope this information helps.

ENABLE USB debugging on your phone
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Seburo said

There may be an add-on that could help, altertivrly you can host your own private FxA server. I appreciate these are not the answers you are looking for, but I hope this helps.

Add-ons are NOT possible on the mobile apps or am I missing something?

Изменено Joseph

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FF mobile app definitely supports add-ons (listed on drop down after tapping Menu button). However, a quick search did not show any results for one that specifically will enable export of bookmarks HTML file.

If a more thorough investigation reveals a solution I will post it here.

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My android has all logins, bookmarks and passwords.

I had to reset my password on firefox windows sync (i couldn't remember the password - hence why i sync passwords). I read how resetting password wipes the server of the logins? I'm concerned with syncing on the android the logins/passwords will get lost at some point.

I would hate to lose all logins for windows desktop. :(

How can i move my logins from firefox android to firefox windows? where i can export a file from the android device? or where my firefox windows can sync with the android to regain my logins?

Изменено Joy717